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Ad hoc Expert Group on REMIT

Following the expiry of the 2 ½ year term of the previous ad hoc expert groups under REMIT in December 2014, a new ad hoc expert group on REMIT is being set up. The goal of this group will be to advise the Agency and to contribute to the work of the Agency on issues related to the market participants’ compliance with REMIT, in particular with the disclosure of inside information, market abuse prohibitions, registration and transaction reporting obligations. 

The group may submit opinions and advice on any issue related to the tasks of the Agency according to Regulation (EU) No 1227/2011 with particular focus on the above mentioned areas.  

You may find more information in the Open letter.  

ACER decided to select the following 10 experts and 2 observers (in alphabetical order):  

  • Ms Camilla Berg
  • Mr Karl-Peter Horstmann
  • Ms Daniela Nigro
  • Ms Marie-Louise Piil Christensen
  • Mr Jean-Michel Salagnac
  • Mr Filip Sleeuwagen
  • Mr Daniel Smith
  • Ms Sophie Tolley
  • Mr Bernhard Walter
  • Mr Daniel Wragge 
  • Ms Christelle Coppens-Chalhoub (as observer for ENTSO-E) and
  • Mr Davide Volzone (as observer for ENTSOG)

As was the practice in previous expert groups it was decided to involve ENTSO-E and ENTSOG in the ad hoc expert group. ENTSO-E and ENTSOG may as observer alternate their representation.


  • Minutes from 8th Ad hoc EG meeting on 28 February 2017
  • Minutes from 7th Ad hoc EG meeting on 9 November 2016
  • Minutes from 6th Ad hoc EG meeting on 22 September 2016
  • Minutes from 5th Ad hoc EG meeting (was organised jointly with the AEMPs roundtable) on 2-3 March 2016
  • Minutes from 4th Ad hoc EG meeting on 4 November 2015
  • Minutes from 3rd Ad hoc EG meeting on 9-10 September 2015
  • Minutes from 2nd Ad hoc EG meeting on 29-30 June 2015     
  • Minutes from 1st Ad hoc EG meeting on 19 May 2015