Market Monitoring

Market Monitoring

The role of ACER

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​​​ACER is mandated to monitor the status of the internal markets for electricity and gas by the Third Energy Package. For this purpose, the Agency publishes an annual market monitoring report produced in close cooperation with National Regulatory Authorities, the Energy Community Secretariat, and other relevant organisations.

ACER’s monitoring activity provides guidance and evidence on how energy markets can perform more efficiently, thus making energy more affordable and reliable for consumers.

The Market Monitoring report consists of 3 Volumes: 

  • ​Electricity wholesale
  • Gas wholesale
  • Energy Consumer

The first two volumes asses the functioning of the internal electricity and gas wholesale markets, keeping a close eye on the impact of Network Codes on markets’ progression. Importantly, they both analyse the existence of barriers to the Internal Energy Market and propose recommendations to overcome those. The third Volume evaluates retail markets performance across the EU, identifying relevant best practices to promote competition to benefit of end consumers.​

The relevance of certain analysis is increased when published soon after the events analysed. This is why since 2021, ACER makes some analyses available as soon as they are finalised and ahead of the publication of the final Market Monitoring Report. In doing so, ACER wishes to provide readers with the full benefit of the data collected continuously for monitoring purposes.