Middle and Low Value Contracts

Middle and Low Value Contracts

About negotiated procedures

For supplies and services contracts with a value above EUR 15,000 and equal to or below EUR 139,000, ACER uses the negotiated procedures for middle and low value contracts.

According to the negotiated procedures, the Agency invites candidates of its choice to submit an offer.

As the Agency wants to keep cooperation opportunities as open as possible, you are invited to express your interest following the procedure below.

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Middle and Low Value Contracts

How to apply

1. To be invited to submit an offer for a forthcoming negotiated procedure, register your interest for a specific procedure by sending an e-mail

to: ACERProcurement(at)acer.europa.eu before the deadline. 
For each procedure a separate email is required.​

2. Make sure your email contains the following details:

  • ​Full name of the legal entity (if the expression of interest is on behalf of the legal entity) and the main contact person,

  • ​Full name of the individual (if the expression of interest is from a private person),

  • ​​Full postal address,

  • E-mail address where the invitation should be received,

  • The number of the procedure you are applying for.

Middle and Low Value Contracts

Forthcoming negotiated procedures

There are no forthcoming negotiated procedures.