19th SSE GRI SG meeting

Ramada Majestic Hotel, I.L.Caragiale meeting room - Calea Victoriei 38-40, Bucharest, 20 November, 2015. From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
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Integrating Gas Markets in Central / South East Europe10/12/2015 09:16Riccardo Galletta
Folie 110/12/2015 09:16Riccardo Galletta
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Title of the Presentation10/12/2015 09:16Riccardo Galletta
Title of the Presentation10/12/2015 09:17Riccardo Galletta
PP XII - GRI SSE AEEGSI  E-Control 2015_11_16 _ver 3.ppt
3.1. FG Interoperability Rules10/12/2015 09:17Riccardo Galletta
Transgaz Presentation   GRI SSE.pptx
PowerPoint Presentation10/12/2015 15:41Riccardo Galletta
04/01/2016 14:51Riccardo Galletta
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12th Stakeholder Group Meeting28/01/2016 10:17SPAdmin
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28/01/2016 10:20SPAdmin
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19th Stakeholder Group Meeting27/06/2016 15:30SPAdmin
19th SG meeting draft minutes_final.pdf
27/06/2016 15:35SPAdmin