44th IG Meeting

TelCo, 06 October, 2017. From 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM


ACER Gas changed the time for this WebEx meeting.




44th IG SGRI meeting

Friday, October 6, 2017

11:00 am  |  Europe Summer Time (Paris, GMT+02:00)  |  3 hrs


Meeting number (access code): 843 344 629





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44th IG meeting of SGRI- Draft Agenda.docx
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44th IG meeting of SGRI- Draft Agenda.pdf
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0 - 44th IG_Meeting guide_v1.pptx
Gas wholesale market functioning - for Madrid forum09/10/2017 13:15SPAdmin
16/10/2017 13:58SPAdmin
Detailed balancing regime index_tbd by TSOs.docx
09/10/2017 13:17SPAdmin
Detailed balancing regime index_tbd by TSOs.pdf
09/10/2017 13:20SPAdmin
09/10/2017 13:20SPAdmin
0 - 44th IG_Meeting guide.pptx
Slide 116/10/2017 13:57SPAdmin
44th IG meeting - final version.docx
29/11/2017 14:09SPAdmin