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Latest documents

​​​​​Latest ACER documents 2019

Name Annex/Related docs. Date
​ACER Public Consultation 09/2019​ on the long-term capacity calculation methodology for the Nordic Capacity Calculation Region
27/08/2019 to 17/09/2019​
ACER Public Consultation 08/2019 on the amendments to the harmonised allocation rules
23/08/201​9 to 12/09/2019
​​ACER Recommendat​ion 01/2019 on the implementation of the minimum margin available for cross-zonal trade 
​​ACER Decision 10/2019 on gas capacity booking platform - Non-confidential
ACER Public Consultation 07/2019 on the amendments of the regional design of long-term transmission rights for the Core Region

31/07/2019 to 30/08/2019
​ACER Decision 09/2019 on the SEE methodology for coordinated RDCT
Annexes​ to the ACER Decision​ 09/2019
​ACER Opinion 17/2019 on the ENTSO-E SOR 2019 and WR 2018-2019

​ACER Opinion 16/2019 on ENTSOG's Summer Supply Outlook 2019

​ACER Opinion 15/2019 on the ENTSO-E Annual Report 2018
​ACER Public Consultation 06/2019 on the Bridge beyond 2025

23/07/2019 to 9/09/2019​​
​​ACER updated version of 4th Edition of its Guidance on REMIT application
​ACER Public Consultation 05/2019 on the definition of inside information

​15/07/2019 to 16/09/2019

Network Code on Harmonised Transmission Tariff Structures for Gas - Analysis of the consultation documents by country

27/04/2019 to


​ACER Opinion 14/2019​ on the ENTSOG draft TYNDP 2018

Consolidated report on the progress of electricity and gas projects of common interest - 2019
ACER Decision 08/2019 on all TSOs’ proposal for the methodology for assessing the relevance of assets for outage coordination
Annexes  to the ACER Decision 08/2019
ACER Decision 07/2019 on all TSOs’ proposal for the methodology for coordinating operational security analysis
Annexes  to the ACER Decision 07/2019
​ACER Public Consultation 04/2019 regarding the Balansys compliance programme 

07/06/2019 to 1/07/2019
​ACER Decision 06/2019 on the request of all regulatory authorities to extend the period for reaching an agreement on the amended proposal for the implementation framework for a European platform for the imbalance netting process​

Annual Report on contractual congestion at interconnection ​points​
Annex to the Report​
​ACER Opinion 13/2019 on national electricity TYNDP-NDP consistency
​ACER Opinion 12/2019 on the ENTSO-E Balancing Monitoring Plan

ACER Public Consultation 03/2019 for the Selection of a Single Capacity Booking Platform at Mallnow and GCP Virtual Interconnection Points.  09/04/2019 to 30/04/2019
ACER Decision 05/2019 on the incremental capacity project for the Mosonmagyaróvár Interconnection Point


Privacy Statement

ACER Report on the conditionalities stipulated in contracts for standard capacity products for firm capacity Annexes to the Report 05/04/2019
ACER Decision 04/2019 on the Electricity Transmission System Operators' Proposal for amendments of the determination of capacity calculation regions  Annexes to ACER Decision 04/2019 01/04/2019
ACER Opinion 11/2019 on the ENTSO-E draft Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2018 25/03/2019
ACER Opinion 10/2019 on ENTSOG's Recommendations to third-country Transmission System Operators 25/03/2019
ACER Decision 03/2019 on the request of all regulatory authorities to extend the period for reaching an agreement on the amended proposal for a common methodology for calculating scheduled exchanges resulting from single intraday coupling  04/03/2019
ACER Decision 02/2019 on the Core Capacity Region Transmission System Operators (TSOs)' proposals for the regional design of the day-ahead and intraday common capacity calculation methodologies Annexes to ACER Decision 02/201921/02/2019
ACER Public Consultation 02/2019 on the amendments to the determination of capacity calculation regions  28/01/2019 to 17/02/2019
ACER Public consultation 01/2019 on the proposed methodologies for Coordinating Operational Security Analysis and for Relevant Asset Outage Coordination in electricity  25/01/2019 to 18/02/2019
ACER Monitoring report on the implementation of the EU Regulation for gas Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management (CACM) and EU Regulation on Forward Capacity Allocation (FCA).  31/01/2019
ACER Opinion 09/2019 on ENTSOG's Common Network Operation Tools  30/01/2019
ACER Opinion 08/2019 on amended Manual of Procedures for ENTSO-E Central Information Transparency Platform  30/01/2019
ACER Opinion 07/2019 on ENTSO-E Winter Outlook Report 2018/2019 and Summer Review 2018 30/01/2019
ACER Decision 01/2019 on establishing a single intraday cross-zonal capacity pricing methodology Annexes to ACER Decision 01/201924/01/2019
ACER Opinion 06/2019 on the implementation of the EU Electricity Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP)      15/01/2019
ACER Opinion 05/2019 on the implementation of the EU Gas Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) 15/01/2019
ACER Opinion 04/2019 on ENTSO-E updated common Incident Classification Scale 09/01/2019
ACER Opinion 03/2019 on ENTSOG Winter SO 2018-2019 09/01/2019
ACER Opinion 02/2019 on  draft ENTSOG Annual Work Programme 2019 09/01/2019
ACER Opinion 01/2019 on draft ENTSO-E Annual Work Programme 2019  09/01/2019

We are currently working on providing you with ACER documents from previous years in reverse chronological order. In the meanwhile, for previous documents please go here.​​