Data Reporting Management

Data Reporting Management

Data Reporting Implementing Acts

​​​​​​The European Commission's Implementing Acts (2015) set the conditions to uniform the implementation of the data reporting obligation.

The Implementing Acts indicate the:

  • list of contracts and derivatives, including orders to trade, which are to be reported under Article 8 of REMIT,

  • minimum thresholds for the reporting of transactions, as well as the list of contracts to be reported only upon a reasoned request from ACER,

  • uniformed rules on the information reporting to be provided under Article 8 of REMIT,

  • timing and form in which the information is to be reported.​​

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Data Reporting Management

REMIT reporting user package

Since 2015, ACER has provided all reporting parties with guidance on how to report transactions, including orders to trade and fundamental data.

The documents are available in the REMIT reporting user package section of the REMIT Portal, and are updated on a periodic basis to ensure the harmonisation of data reporting and to reflect any new developments of the energy market design.