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Gas Regional Work Plans

Following the mandate of the European Commission, the gas regions elaborate regional Work Plans. These outline the main projects and activities to be developed at regional level and serve as the main implementation reference. All projects clearly indicate and plan the deliverables, the deadlines, and responsible parties involved. 

The currently adopted Work Plan of the South region focuses on:

  • Infrastructure 
  • Market integration
  • Decarbonisation 

The currently adopted Work Plan of the South South East (SEE) region focuses on:

  • 24h supplier switching survey
  • Updates on market integration between Austria and Italy
  • Survey on Network Codes Implementation on Interconnection Points between the SSE's and Energy Community's TSOs
  • Survey on Public procurement rules applied at national level by the TSOs of the SSE Member States and Contracting parties and its results​.

The North-West region has been inactive since 2014.

Whenever needed, the Agency provides guidance and coordinates the updates of the Work Plans, suggesting an effective and coherent planning.  ​