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​Ad hoc expert group on Framework Guidelines on Interoperability Rules for European Gas Transmission Networks

The 3rd Energy Package envisages the development of European network codes in different areas. ENTSO-G will be responsible for drafting cross-border network codes based on the principles and objectives set out in the Framework Guidelines to be prepared by the European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) in consultation with network users. 
Therefore ACER has decided to set up an informal "ad hoc" group of experts on gas interoperability. The goal of this group will be to provide expert support to ACER during the development of the Framework Guideline on gas interoperability.
The Terms of Reference - with specific expertise criteria for the experts - and the Rules of Procedure for the expert group on gas interoperability, are provided in Annex 1 and Annex 2 of the Open Letter. 
Following the 28 September 2011 publication of the Open Letter inviting candidates for an ad hoc expert group on gas interoperability, ACER appointed 10 members, as part of the process for the development of framework guidelines. 
The Expert Group members were:
  • Klaas Beukema;
  • Michel Van den Brande;
  • Peter Meeuwis;
  • Henri Cattoor;
  • Dr Colin Hamilton;
  • Katerina Douckova;
  • Michael Sostmann;
  • Matteo Restelli;
  • Christian Thole;
  • Carsten Zeiger.