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EG on Rules for Trading

Ad hoc Expert Group on Rules for Trading

The Third Energy Package envisages the development of European network codes in different areas by ENTSOG. The codes shall be based on the principles and objectives set out in the respective Framework Guidelines, which are prepared by the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) in consultation with network users.

ACER has decided to set up an ad hoc expert group on Rules for Trading. The experts will be requested to support ACER in the identification of problems and issues of relevance in the field of capacity trading, which may include a variety of topics like firmness and bundling of capacity, secondary capacity markets, trading licenses and capacity contract harmonization and other related topics.
The Terms of Reference - with specific qualification requirements for the experts - and the Rules of Procedure for the expert group on Rules for Trading, are provided in Annex 1 and Annex 2 of the Open Letter, which is accessible via the link below:
On 8 January 2014, ACER decided to select 11 (out of 22) applicants to become members of the expert group (i.e. one more than originally planned, due to a tie in the assessment score on ranks 10 and 11).
The following experts have been appointed (listed in alphabetical order):
·         Amrik Bal (Shell)
·         Oliver Elbling (WECOM)
·         Dan Harris (The Brattle Group)
·         Albert Kobbe (GRTgaz Deutschland)
·         Helga Norrby (Vattenfall)
·         Luis Ignacio Parada (Enagas)
·        Riccardo Rossi (Gazprom Marketing and Trading)
·         Nigel Sisman (Sisman Energy Consultancy)
·         Dirk-Christof Stüdemann (EnBW)
·         Laurent De Wolf (Fluxys)
·         Mark Wiekens (ENTSOG)