11. 05. 2016

ACER’s Annual Conference: A look into the future as the Agency turns five

​ACER’s Annual Conference 2016, “ACER: Past, Present and Future”, will take place on 16 June. The Conference will aim to define how the Agency can best contribute to the common goal of completing a well-functioning, competitive, sustainable and secure Internal Energy Market in the context of the Energy Union.

28. 04. 2016

Dr Annegret Groebel appointed as Vice-Chair of ACER Board of Regulators

​ACER’s Board of Regulators (BoR), which met in Madrid on 27 April, appointed Dr Annegret Groebel as its new Vice Chair for a two and a half year term. She succeeds Walter Boltz.

13. 04. 2016

Second phase of REMIT data reporting has started as planned

The second phase of data reporting under the EU Regulation on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT) started on the 7 April as planned.

07. 03. 2016

One month ahead: ACER is ready for 2nd phase of REMIT data collection

On 7 April 2016, the obligation for market participants to report wholesale energy supply contracts executed over-the-counter, transportation contracts and additional fundamental data under the EU Regulation on Wholesale Energy Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) enters into application. This 2nd phase of data collection will complement the Agency’s data collection of wholesale energy market transactions, including orders to trade, executed at organised market places and of fundamental data from the European Networks of Transmission System Operators for electricity and gas that began 7 October 2015. In parallel with its effort to register reporting parties as Registered Reporting Mechanisms (RRMs), the Agency has provided a comprehensive set of guidance on transaction and fundamental data reporting. In addition, the Agency will publish further REMIT Q&As and FAQs on transaction and fundamental data reporting as required. Market participants should therefore be well prepared for data reporting as of 7 April 2016.
15. 02. 2016

Reducing the administrative burden for reporting about key energy infrastructure projects

​ACER publishes today a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Competent Authorities in 25 Member States responsible for facilitating and coordinating the permit granting process for the development of key energy infrastructure projects in Europe.

12. 02. 2016

ACER publishes opinion on ENTSO-E’s latest winter outlook and summer review

​ACER publishes today its opinion on ENTSO-E’s Winter Outlook Report 2015/16 and Summer Review 2015. The Agency welcomes ENTSO-E’s continuous improvements of adequacy outlooks but highlights the need for their further development.

11. 02. 2016

ACER and ENTSOG launch a joint platform to facilitate a smooth gas network code implementation

A newly created web-based platform launched today by ACER and ENTSOG will allow stakeholders to notify implementation and operational issues related to gas network codes already in force. A joint process between ACER and ENTSOG aims to develop commonly recommended guidance on how to address such issues.

11. 02. 2016

Members of the EU Parliament visit ACER

​A delegation from the European Parliament’s Committee for Transport, Research and Energy (ITRE) visited today the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) in Ljubljana (Slovenia). The delegation discussed the latest developments in the Agency’s work towards a single, well-functioning and transparent energy market in Europe. The Agency fosters the cooperation and sharing of best practices among EU National Energy Regulators in the 28 EU Member States for the benefit of all EU consumers.

09. 02. 2016

ACER publishes a report with main voluntary achievements towards the single EU energy market

​ACER publishes today the latest edition of its Regional Initiatives Status Review Report updating on the progress made on voluntary regional and cross-regional market integration. The reports highlights important milestones such as the early implementation of the European Harmonised Allocation Rules (HAR) for the electricity market. The report also shows the progress made in the pilot projects in different gas areas such as implementation of the third package and Network Codes (NC) and market integration.

28. 01. 2016

Romana Jordan and Jochen Penker elected new Chair and Vice-Chair of ACER Administrative Board

​ACER’s Administrative Board, meeting today, unanimously appointed its new leadership for the next two years. The new Chair, Dr Romana Jordan, has a long experience in collaborating with ACER and has an extensive knowledge of the Agency, which she acquired during her term as Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and of its ITRE Committee. The new Vice-Chair, Mr Jochen Penker, is the Director of European and International Energy Policy at the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy in Austria and has a long experience in public service in the energy field, both in Austria and at the EU level.