Open Public Consultations

Open Public Consultations

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ACER consults to give interested stakeholders the opportunity to have a say in issues that affect them.

Your input informs our decisions and build trusts and confidence in the market.

On how we consult, we have a mix of open "public consultation" and "targeted consultations", where we ask specific questions.

  • Public consultations typically take the form of an online survey.

  • Targeted consultations are aimed at particular stakeholders (e.g. Transmission System Operators).

On the duration of how long we consult, we:

  • strive for clear and realistic timeframes for input. The duration is decided case-by-case, depending on the complexity of the issue and ACER's legal timelines to reach a decision. 

To be transparent and accountable, we:

  • Explain in our consultations the objectives, what we would like from you and the next steps.

  • Publish all (non-confidential) submissions received. Parties wishing to submit confidential information should do so in accordance with Article 9 of ACER Decision 19/2019.

  • Publish the outcome of our consultation and an Evaluation of Responses to explain how the main comments were taken into account.

  • Treat confidential information in line with our Data Privacy Notice.

Open Public Consultations

Our open consultations

See below our open public consultations:

PC_2022_E_04 - Public consultation on the possible developments of the EU electricity forward market (submit your comments by Friday 29 July 2022, 23:59 hrs CET).

PC_2022_E_05 - Public consultation on the draft framework guidelines on demand response (inputs are welcome by Tuesday 2 August, 23:59 hrs CET).

PC_2022_G_06 - Public consultation on the FUNC issue: how to ensure greater flexibility to book firm capacity at interconnection points (share your views by Thursday 4 August, 23:59 hrs CET)

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