Knowledge base search

The REMIT Knowledge Base allows searching for keywords across several REMIT documents simultaneously. In particular, it is possible to run a simultaneous search through the electronic versions of the Q&As on REMIT, the FAQs documents on data collection, and the Transaction Reporting User Manual (main text and its Annexes).


The REMIT Knowledge Base contains the electronic versions of:

Document Link Download document Subscribe to RSS
Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM) Visit webpage ACER_REMIT_TRUM RSS
FAQs on transaction reporting Visit webpage FAQ on transaction reporting_v15.pdf RSS
FAQs on fundamental data and inside information Visit webpage FAQs-REMIT-fundamental-data-and-inside-information.pdf RSS
Q&As on REMIT Visit webpage REMIT_29th_edition_QA_v1.0.pdf RSS
RSS feed

It is possible to subscribe to RSS feeds for individual books of the REMIT Knowledge Base content, which means that users can choose between RSS feeds for individual documents or all documents. In such a way, it is possible to be always updated on the latest version of the documents.