ACER holistic approach

ACER uses a holistic approach to detect potential suspicious behaviour. 

The different kinds of suspicious behaviour presented in ACER's Guidance Notes are translated into logic that creates bespoke alerts. 

A surveillance tool, tailor-made for EU wholesale energy markets, is used to construct, trigger, prioritise and screen the alerts.

The detection of suspicious behaviour happens on two levels:

  • the first level of detection already happens when the alerts are triggered, as they automatically screen the REMIT data and trigger when they detect instances of behaviour that meet the alert logic and parameters.

  • The second level happens when the surveillance analysts screen the triggered alerts and assess the gravity of the suspicious behaviour.

ACER aims to revise the alert logic and parameters on a regular basis to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency, and to make sure they are adjusted to the latest market developments. 

ACER always keeps an eye out for potential data quality issues and acts appropriately to resolve them. ​​