Expert Group on Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Expert Group on Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Scope of the group

People discussing PPAs

The main focus of the expert group will be to advise on the need for voluntary templates for PPA contracts within the European energy market, exploring their feasibility, main benefits and drawbacks. Experts will help ACER assess whether these templates will foster the transparency, efficiency and integration of the European internal energy market, and will build the necessary knowledge to ensure alignment with other European energy policies and objectives.

The expert group will operate from spring to summer 2024, with the possibility of extending into 2025 for further analysis on the development of such contracts.

The PPA expert group is composed of the following members:

  • Mr Stefano Alaimo
  • Mr Masoud Asgarpour
  • Mr Juan Bajo Abad
  • Mr Francis Browne
  • Ms Margaux Delaune
  • Mr Janos Hettyey
  • Ms Inger Kristin Holm
  • Ms Mariya Manolova
  • Mr Joshua Roberts
  • Ms Annie Scanlan
  • Mr Colin Spain 
  • Mr Stefan Ulreich
  • Mr Wouter Vandorpe
  • Mr Mathieu Ville