About Electricity

About Electricity

A profound energy transition

​​​​​​The European energy sector is engaged into a profound energy transition, whose overall success highly depends on the efficiency and integration of the European electricity markets.

Since the Directive on common rules for the internal market in electricity (1996), which marked the beginning of the market integration process at the European level, significant progress has been made towards establishing an efficient Internal Electricity Market. The successive legislative packages (and more recently the Clean Energy Package) contributed to further strengthening the foundations of the Internal Electricity Market.  ​

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About Electricity

What's the role of ACER?

Despite this progress, there are still numerous obstacles to overcome before achieving a truly integrated efficient market. 

Among these: the full implementation of the Network Codes and Guidelines developed since 2011 (constituting the backbone of the Internal Electricity Market) and the efficient and secure integration of renewables' intermittent generation.

Building upon the sustained efforts of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and the continuous support of all stakeholders, ACER's Electricity Department is committed to meeting all these challenges. ​

About Electricity

ACER Teams

To better support the market integration process, the Department has organised its activities into five teams:

  • The Market Codes team is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the European market rules.

  • The Grid Connection and System Operations team develops, implements and monitors the grid connection and system operation rules harmonised at European level.

  • The Market Monitoring team is in charge of identifying the barriers to the well-functioning of the European electricity markets.

  • The Infrastructure team ensures an efficient and transparent network development.

  • The Adequacy team is responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of sound and transparent methodologies identifying resource gaps in Europe.​​