ACER-CEER Market Monitoring Report (MMR)


Market Monitoring Report at a glance

ACER and the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) monitor energy markets in the EU.

ACER’s market monitoring focuses on:

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Electricity Wholesale Market Volume

The Electricity Wholesale Market Volume looks at the performance of European Union (EU) electricity markets, with a focus on cross-border issues.

Along 2023, ACER will publish a series of overviews on  specific aspects of the Electricity Wholesale Markets in 2022:



List of Emergency Measures:

Key Developments:





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Gas Wholesale Markets Volume

ACER published two separate gas volumes of the Market Monitoring Report (MMR) in 2022 - The Gas Wholesale Market Volume and the Decarbonised Gases Volume.  

The Gas Wholesale Market Volume provides an overview of gas markets functioning in 2021 and the first half of 2022 and the trajectory towards an internal gas market. It looks at:

  • ​Gas market developments and the drivers of the unprecedented gas price rise;
  • The level of competition and gas market functioning;
  • The positive effect on markets of implementation of the gas Network Codes.






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Energy Retail and Consumer Protection Volume

This year’sEnergy Retail and Consumer Protection Volume looks at developments in Europe’s energy retail markets and outlines the status regarding consumer protection measures in 2021. Given the significance of the current energy crisis in Europe, the Volume also includes some recent pricing information for 2022 which has been prepared by VaasaETT.

The Volume consists of three key chapters and includes information on the following:​

  • the performance of European energy markets from the perspective of the final consume;
  • level of supplier activity in EU retail energy markets;
  • switching rates by energy consumers in the EU;
  • status regarding the availability of quality comparison tools;
  • status regarding the roll out of smart meters in 2021;
  • the evolution of retail electricity and gas prices, for both household and industrial consumers in EU Members States, Norway and the Energy Community Contracting Parties;
  • the compliance of energy bills with EU law and energy bill breakdown across the EU Member States, Norway, and the Energy Community Contracting Parties;
  • the relationship between the wholesale energy price and the energy component of the retail price for households;
  • information on the existence of consumer protection mechanisms and; and
  • complaint processes available to energy consumers and list of items the  consumers complain about.



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The Decarbonised Gases Volume

The Decarbonised Gases Volume  looks at the current state of decarbonisation of the EU gas systems and their mid-term trajectoryand their trajectory frombetween now until and 2050. In particular, it analyses:

  • Renewable and low carbon gases production, consumption, price levels and their mid-term prospects;
  • Key regulatory provisions that will govern the access of decarbonised gases to the market;
  • Infrastructure expansion required to facilitate the use of decarbonised gases and hydrogen.

Consumer Protection and Empowerment Volume

The Consumer Protection and Empowerment volume looked at the performance of European energy markets from the final household consumer perspective. The volume explored the impact of the Third Energy Package provisions into national legislation. It analysed in depth public service obligations, the protection of vulnerable consumers, consumer information rights, smart meters and consumer complaints. The report also elaborated on the existence and effectiveness of consumer protection mechanisms and included a set of recommendations on how to further enhance consumer rights.​

From 2019 edition this publication is titled Energy Retail and Consumer Protection Volume​ and integrate the previously separate Consumer Protection and Electricity and ​Gas Retail Markets Volumes.​​​



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