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South South-East GRI


The South South-East (SSE) region includes 20 countries: 12 EU Member States, plus 8 Energy Community Contracting Parties.
Participating EU Member States:    
  • Austria    
  • Bulgaria    
  • Croatia    
  • Cyprus    
  • Czech Republic    
  • Greece    
  • Hungary    
  • Italy    
  • Poland    
  • Romania    
  • Slovakia    
  • Slovenia    
Participating Energy Community Contracting Parties:    
  • Albania    
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina    
  • Kosovo    
  • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia    
  • Moldova    
  • Montenegro    
  • Serbia    
  • Ukraine    
The region is co-chaired by AERS and ERU (respectively the Serbian and Czech energy regulators).   

The EU Member States in this region consume 121 bcm/year, nearly 30% of the EU gas market.

The Energy Community Contracting Parties, beyond consuming nearly 50 bcm/year, are crucial to develop a secure and integrated European gas market.

Moreover, the region hosts important transit routes for the gas imported from Russia.

The participation of the Energy Community to the GRI SSE is the result of an intensified cooperation shaped in 2014, and culminated in May 2015: since then, the Energy Community Secretariat and Contracting Parties have been participating to the SEE GRI meetings.

The existing cooperation aims at:
  • supporting a deeper and more extended market integration, in line with the revised Gas Target Model;    
  • implementing the third package in a harmonised way;    
  • solving cross-border issues arising between EU Member States and neighbouring Contracting Parties.    
Due to the large size of the region, and the different specificities of its national gas markets, pilot projects mostly take place at a sub-regional level.    
You can find the updated SSE GRI events calendar at this link, which includes all ACER events