PC_2021_E_08 Public Consultation on the harmonised allocation rules for long-term transmission rights

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​​On 25th June, all Transmission System Operators (TSOs) submitted amendments to the harmonised allocation rules for long-term transmission rights (HAR) to ACER in the framework of their biennial review.

ACER welcomed some improvements in the TSOs' proposal (e.g. the introduction of electronic signatures, clarifications on the specific conditions to suspend the accounts of the single allocation platform's members, REMIT reporting and others).

Nevertheless, the amendments also proposed a cap on remunerating the long-term transmission right holders in case of triggering fallback procedures during the day-ahead capacity allocation.

ACER believes this is not in line with the FCA Regulation. The Regulation clearly states that, under the current conditions in the day-ahead timeframe (i.e. using implicit auctioning), the remuneration principle is based on market spread – even in case of fallback.

Therefore, ACER considers any remuneration different from a market spread as lacking legal basis.

ACER is launching this public consultation mainly with the objective to gather views on the proposed cap for remunerating long-term transmission rights.

All interested stakeholders are invited to submit their comments by Friday 27 August 2021.​

Enter the Public Consultation​.​

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