PC_2023_E_11 - Public consultation on potential changes to the electricity capacity calculation regions

Policy area
Capacity calculation regions (CCRs); electricity bidding zone borders
Contact information
Transmission System Operators (TSOs), electricity industry, traders, regulators, governments and other relevant stakeholders in the EU.

Contact information


On 30 November 2023, Transmission System Operators’ (TSOs) submitted to ACER their proposals for amending the two European Capacity Calculation Regions (CCR).

CCRs define the geographic areas (i.e. by listing bidding zone borders) across the EU where TSOs coordinate the capacity calculation and other processes (i.e. subject to regional methodologies).

Currently, there are eight CCRs in Europe: Nordic, Hansa, Core, Italy North, Greece-Italy (GRIT), South-West Europe (SWE), Baltic and South-East Europe (SEE).

Why we are consulting

The TSOs propose to merge Core and Italy North CCRs (initially on the day-ahead capacity calculation timeframe), as well as to include Celtic interconnector in the newly established merged CCR.

ACER will assess whether the TSOs’ proposal contributes to market integration, non-discrimination, effective competition and the proper functioning of the EU electricity market.

To make an informed decision, ACER invited all interested parties to submit their views by 10 January 2024.

Next steps

ACER intends to decide on the TSOs’ proposal within 3 months (i.e. by early March 2024).

21 March 2024 update: The Decision and its Annexes were published here.