ACER and EUI - FSR strengthen their collaboration to advance EU energy policy and regulation

FSR Roundtable - policy event, view of the room

ACER and EUI - FSR strengthen their collaboration to advance EU energy policy and regulation

What is it about?

In January 2022, the EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and the European University Institute (EUI) signed a knowledge partnership agreement with the aim of informing the energy policy debate and advancing regulatory thinking in Europe.

Since 2010, ACER and the EUI’s Florence School of Regulation (FSR Energy), hosted within the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSC), have been cooperating on a number of initiatives including policy events, training courses, and development of new research in the field of energy policy and regulation. In this context, ACER experts regularly participate in policy events and contribute to training courses organised by the FSR, bringing direct practical experience in European energy regulation.

“Energy Regulators, particular those based in Europe, are one of the FSR Energy and Climate’s most important stakeholders. The FSR aims at informing the regulatory debate in Europe through its research and policy events and, therefore, having an early insight on the forthcoming issues is essential to maintain its relevance. ACER is thus a key interlocutor.”
Alberto Pototschnig, FSR Energy Deputy Director for Policy Affairs

As the issues facing the energy sector are evolving and becoming more complex in order to achieve the ambitious energy and climate policy targets and accomplish the associated energy transition, the two organisations stand to benefit even more from a close cooperation.

“The energy sector is changing rapidly. Only by adopting a multidisciplinary approach and by engaging with different stakeholders, ACER can stay abreast of the game and contribute to a smooth transition to a low carbon energy system. In this respect, the partnership with FSR Energy is key: it provides a high-quality platform for policy debate and research and allows our staff to access an excellent faculty of global regulatory experts.”
Christian Zinglersen, ACER Director

In the framework of the partnership, the following activities will be co-designed and delivered:

  • FSR Training Courses offered to or involving ACER staff;

  • Exchange of views on topics of mutual interest;

  • Events on a variety of topics and with diverse formats, involving the partners and external stakeholders;

  • Research activities on current energy topics; and

  • Study visits to ACER for EUI scholars.