ACER issued an Opinion on the ENTSO-E methodology for Incidents Classification Scale in 2014

​ACER has recently published its Opinion on the ENTSO-E Incidents Classification Scale – Methodology (ICSM) 2014. This is the first ACER Opinion on this ENTSO-E deliverable aiming at defining the scale for classifying system incidents according to severity, as well as, the scope and content of the ENTSO-E annual report on these incidents.   The Agency stresses in its opinion that the ICSM 2014 meets the objectives of non-discrimination, effective competition and the efficient and secure functioning of the internal market in electricity. The ICSM 2014 also effectively complements the draft Network Codes in monitoring how efficient and appropriate the network code provisions are, as well as the power system performance. As such the ICSM 2014 will support collecting factual and statistical data which the Agency will take into consideration when preparing proposals for amendments of the Network Codes.   Nonetheless, in a few specific areas, in particular concerning the granularity of the reporting and the involvement of the National Regulatory Authorities in the investigations of large-scale incidents, the ICSM 2014 does not appropriately take into account the Agency’s Recommendation on the Network Code on Operational Security of 11 November 2013. Read more here.