ACER provides recommendations on the proposed gas transmission tariffs for the Polish transit gas pipeline system


ACER provides recommendations on the proposed gas transmission tariffs for the Polish transit gas pipeline system

What is it about?

ACER publishes today its report on Poland’s proposed gas transmission tariffs for the Transit Gas Pipeline System (TGPS). In its report, ACER provides recommendations to the Polish national regulatory authority, URE, in relation to the tariff methodology applicable for this transmission network.

The TGPS is the Polish section of the Yamal-Western Europe gas pipeline, which runs from Poland’s border with Belarus to its border with Germany. This pipeline served to transport gas from Belarus to Germany with some flows exiting to Poland. However, the pipeline is now used for transporting gas from Germany to the Polish national transmission system.

Why the need for a report?

Gaz-System, the Polish transmission system operator, carried out a consultation regarding the tariff structure for the TGPS. According to the Network Code on Harmonised Transmission Tariff structures, ACER should provide a compliance analysis of the proposed reference price methodology before URE can adopt a motivated decision.

What does ACER recommend?

ACER assessed the proposed methodology to calculate the gas tariffs for the TGPS and provided the following recommendations:

  • Publish the input parameters used to calculate the tariffs for 2026. This information will help network users estimate the indicative tariffs for the year 2026.

  • Price the capacity offered at the exit interconnection point to Germany as an interruptible product (i.e. the service can be interrupted under certain conditions).

  • Assess the costs and benefits of a possible merger of the TGPS with the Polish national transmission network. The merger could allow all import routes to Poland to compete on the basis of a single access tariff to the network. In addition, it could potentially increase the level of capacity bookings, making the system more efficient and affordable. At the same time, this could result in significant costs for Polish consumers which the NRA should assess.  

What are the next steps?

Following the end of the final consultation (15 November 2023), URE has five months to take and publish a motivated decision on the tariff methodology applied to TGPS, taking into consideration ACER’s recommendations.

Access the report.

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