ACER publishes two new Opinions on ENTSOG

​ACER has published its Opinions on ENTSOG’s 2012 Annual Work Programme and on ENTSOG’s 2011-2012 Annual Winter Supply Outlook. ACER welcomes both documents but also points out where improvements are needed. ACER welcomes for instance ENTSOG’s first annual work programme but underlines that stakeholders’ consultation on the document was not carried out in an optimal way.  The Agency encourages ENTSOG to take a leading role in the development of pilot projects in the context of Regional Initiatives. It also emphasises the role of ENTSOG and TSOs in the provision of information to ACER for monitoring and reporting purposes.

On the 2011-2012 Annual Winter Supply Outlook, the Agency expresses  its appreciation of ENTSOG's determination to ensure the functioning of a robust, secure and efficient pan-European system of gas transmission and ENTSOG's effort to streamline the Community-wide assessments of supply, both through TYNDP and seasonal outlooks. The Agency welcomes ENTSOG's decision to focus its work, for the time being, on assessing the European gas network's flexibility when meeting high daily gas demand and on the evolution of underground gas storage stock levels during the winter of 2011/2012 (October to March), while encouraging ENTSOG to provide in  the  future  an  equally  focused  view  on  the  ways  and  means  which  are instrumental for improving security of supply, in particular, by ensuring sufficient flows of gas to meet demand.   Please see both opinions by clicking here