ACER welcomes the day-ahead market coupling in 15 countries and publishes its latest Status Review Report on Regional initiatives

“The Agency welcomes the go-live of the day-ahead market coupling in the North-West Europe region, which covers 75% of the European power market” said ACER Director, Alberto Pototschnig today. “I am pleased that this very important milestone towards the completion of the Internal Energy Market has finally been achieved”, he stressed. Further information on this project, as well as ACER Status Review Report on Regional Initiatives containing other examples of voluntary early implementation of the network codes –common binding EU rules- can be found in the latest yearly Regional Initiatives Status Review Report published by ACER today.   As from today, this project allows organised electricity markets - power exchanges - covering 15 European countries to be closely interlinked. The market coupling between Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and Sweden will significantly enhance the development of the single EU energy market by favouring price convergence, which fosters competition and therefore leads to a greater choice of services and tangible benefits for European electricity consumers. At the same time, as from today, Spain and Portugal, which have operated as an integrated market since 2010, will also use the same market coupling platform and contractual procedures.   This achievement rewards the intensive work performed by transmission system operators, power exchanges, national regulatory authorities and the Agency within the voluntary early implementation framework called the regional initiatives process.     Find out more in ACER’s press release.   Image removed.

  The area in green is fully coupled as from today. Portugal and Spain will join in the coming months while Italy and Slovenia will do so at the end of 2014.