Energy Regulators welcome the Energy Union Package - ACER stands ready for a new role if adequately resourced

Energy Regulators (ACER and CEER) welcome the Energy Union Strategy as a vital push to complete the transformation of Europe’s energy system so that consumers can enjoy secure, sustainable, competitively priced and affordable energy. In line with the core objectives of the Energy Union Communication, regulators are fully committed to promoting an integrated EU-wide energy system, where energy flows freely across borders, is based on competitive markets and the best possible use of resources, supported by effective regulation of energy markets.

Welcoming the Communication, Lord Mogg, Chairman of ACER’s Board of Regulators and CEER President stated:
“We are pleased to note that the Commission’s Communication has identified similar challenges in the EU energy sector to those which regulators themselves addressed in the ACER Conclusions Paper “Bridge to 2025”. We fully agree on the priority given to full implementation of EU legislation for an internal energy market, with the consumer at its heart”. 
With regard to the proposal by the European Commission to strengthen the EU-wide regulation of the single market, including the reinforcement of the powers of ACER, the Director of the Agency, Alberto Pototschnig said:
“As long as adequate resources are provided, ACER stands ready to take on new responsibilities and work with national regulatory authorities in ensuring effective oversight at EU, regional and national level. In this way we can ensure that energy consumers enjoy a wide choice of suppliers, good quality services and better prices”.

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