PC_2022_E_11 - Public Consultation on amendments to the definition of capacity calculation regions to include Norway

Policy area
Capacity calculation regions (CCRs); electricity bidding zone borders
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Transmission System Operators (TSOs), electricity industry, traders, regulators, governments and other relevant stakeholders in the EU and EEA

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On 13 October 2022, Transmission System Operators’ (TSOs) submitted to ACER their proposals for amending the definition of the Capacity Calculation Regions (CCRs) in Europe.

Capacity Calculation Regions (CCRs) define the geographic areas (i.e. by listing bidding zone borders) across the EU in which the task of capacity calculation and other processes are coordinated by TSOs (i.e. subject to regional methodologies).

Why we are consulting

Any amendments proposed by TSOs to the definition of capacity calculation regions (CCRs) are subject to the approval of ACER.

Following the adoption of the CACM Regulation in Norway, the TSOs’ propose to add the relevant Norwegian bidding zone borders to the current Hansa and Nordic CCRs. Other parts of the proposal remain unchanged compared to ACER’s previous decision 04/2021 on the determination of CCRs.

ACER will assess whether the TSOs’ proposal contribute to market integration, non-discrimination, effective competition and the proper functioning of the EU electricity market.

ACER invites interested parties to submit their views by 25 November 2022, 23:59 (CET).

Enter the Public Consultation.

Evaluation of responses

Next steps

ACER has six months (until 13 April 2023) to decide on the TSOs’ proposal.