An enhanced role for ACER

New tasks and responsibilities

acer image

The revised ACER Regulation introduces additional tasks for ACER, further to the coordination of national energy regulatory authorities. ​​The new set of rules provides ACER with new responsibilities connected with cross-border cooperation, which could, if uncoordinated, lead to difficulties in the internal energy market.

The Regulation defines ACER's objectives and tasks, which include:

  • cooperation of transmission and distribution system operators

  • development and implementation of network codes and guidelines

  • coordination of regulatory authorities and regional coordination centres

  • oversight of generation adequacy and risk preparedness.

ACER will have the regulatory oversight of regional coordination centres, which will play an important role for the coordination of transmission system operators, strengthening ACER's decision-making power with respect to cross-border issues.

ACER's role in monitoring and contributing to the implementation of the network codes and guidelines has also been strengthened. ACER will have a role in reviewing the draft network codes, including chec​​​​​​king for compliance with ACER's non-binding framework guidelines, as well as amending the draft before recommending it for adoption to the Commission.

The role of ACER in approving and amending EU-wide terms and conditions and methodologies has also been reinforced.

ACER is now responsible for taking a decision where the competent regulatory authorities do not agree on terms and conditions or methodologies for the implementation of new network codes and guidelines adopted after 4 July 2019.​​