Expert group on demand side flexibility

Expert group on demand side flexibility

Scope of the Group

Expert Group talking, different people sitting around the table

The group focuses on providing advice on demand side policy matters, including rules on aggregation, energy storage, and demand curtailment that should be developed in a European framework, as well as on the requirements of existing regulations related to these topics.

The group  is composed by the following members (in alphabetical order):

  • Daniel Davi-Arderius

  • José Pablo Chaves Ávila

  • Hans de Heer

  • Lion Hirth

  • Robert Kielak

  • Edin Lakic

  • Ewa Mataczynska

  • Yannick Phulpin

  • Tim Schittekatte

  • Laurent Schmitt

  • Paul Troughton

  • Anna Tsiokanos