Stakeholders' involvement

Involvement of stakeholders in the implementation of FCA Regulation

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​Development and amendments to the FCA Regulation


The FCA Regulation has been developed in close cooperation with the Agency, ENTSO-E and stakeholders, in order to adopt effective, balanced and proportionate rules in a transparent and participative manner. In accordance with Article 18(3) of the Regulation (EC) No 714/2009, the Commission will consult the Agency, ENTSO-E and other relevant stakeholders, before proposing any amendment to the FCA Regulation.


Development of terms and conditions or methodologies

Every proposal for the terms and conditions or methodologies should be submitted to public consultation before its submission for regulatory approval, in accordance with Article 6 of the FCA Regulation. The entities responsible for performing the consultation should duly consider the views of stakeholders resulting from the consultation, prior to its submission for regulatory approval. In all cases, a clear and robust justification for including or not the views resulting from the consultation should be developed and published in a timely manner before or simultaneously with the publication of the respective proposal.​


Implementation of the FCA Regulation​

Pursuant to Article 5 of the FCA Regulation, the Agency, in close cooperation with ENTSO-E, has established the Market European Stakeholder Committee (MESC), in order to organise stakeholder involvement regarding the aspects of the implementation of the FCA Regulation and holds regular meetings with stakeholders to identify problems and propose improvements notably related to the operation and development of the issues described in the FCA Regulation.

Details of the activities of MESC can be found here.​