ACER adopted five Decisions fostering the integration of the European electricity networks and markets


Marking a milestone in securing and coordinating the electricity network operation

​​​​The European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) adopted five Decisions, marking a milestone in securing the electricity network operation in Central and South East Europe and setting up an effective and cost efficient coordination for remedial actions.

Safeguarding the electricity network

Two Decisions establish the methodology for regional operational security coordination (ROSC) in the Central (Core) and South East Europe (SEE) capacity calculation regions (CCR). The methodologies provide rules for an efficient and effective coordination of remedial actions on a cross-border level in both regions, therefore safeguarding the electricity network.

Minimising the costs for Transmission System Operators

A third Decision sets up the methodology for coordinating the redispatching and countertrading, which represent a sub-set of remedial actions from the regional operational security coordination in the Core CCR. This methodology establishes coordinated and efficient redispatching and countertrading, used by Transmission System Operators (TSOs) to solve network congestions.

Fostering a fairer distribution of network congestion costs

Two Decisions concern the methodologies for sharing the costs of redispatching and countertrading in the Core and South East Europe CCR. By applying the “polluter pays" principle, those TSOs from areas that are identified as responsible for congestions need to bear the corresponding redispatching and countertrading costs to solve them.

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