ACER and CEER welcome the market-based solutions and cross-border focus of the European Commission’s energy market design


The joint ACER-CEER response to the European Commission’s Public Consultation on a new Energy Market Design is now available online. The response is structured in two parts. The first part outlines our vision on many aspects related to the future of the electricity sector in Europe. In the second part, this vision is applied to answering the specific questions posed by the European Commission in its Electricity Market Design Consultation document.

European energy Regulators are committed to ensuring that the full benefits of market integration flow to consumers. We have consistently worked to promote competition in national, regional and European energy markets and to ensure that they remain attractive to investors. We consider that this consultation comes at an important time, when the energy market is facing new challenges and an appropriate policy and regulatory response is required.

The feedback provided in the joint response is also based on the proposals included in the “Energy Regulation: a Bridge to 2025” Conclusion Paper of September 2014. They should be read in the context of the current ongoing implementation of the Third Energy Package, including Guidelines and Network Codes, as well as of REMIT. This implementation should be continued and prioritised and any improvement in the energy market design should be built on the existing provisions and the important results achieved in their implementation. A number of suggestions put forward in this document require legislative changes. Therefore, these suggestions are presented to the European Commission so that they can be considered for inclusion in future legislative proposals.

You can access the full response here.