ACER and ENTSOG upgrade the functionality platform to support the implementation of gas network codes

From today, the functionality platform launched by ACER and ENTSOG last year to gather potential implementation issues with the gas network codes, allows more stakeholders to provide feedback on a wider range of topics.                  

The “Functionality Process for Gas Network Codes” is a process which was set up jointly by ACER and ENTSOG with the support of the European Commission. To facilitate this process, the functionality platform was developed as a web based tool to allow all relevant parties (as defined in the tool’s Terms of Use), to participate by addressing their issues, as well as to get involved in the development of proposals of issue solutions.                  

Alberto Pototschnig, ACER Director commented that the enlarged scope of the Functionality Platform shows the Agency’s commitment to promote stakeholder engagement in the implementation of Network Codes. We continue to encourage stakeholders to put forward gas Network Code issues, so that the Agency in cooperation with the European Commission and ENTSOG can deal with them in a structured way.’                   

One of the new features of the functionality platform is the posting of an issue by any relevant party, not only by those directly affected. In addition, any issue regarding a network code and guidelines can be reported, not only implementation issues. Issues which have been addressed previously will be reconsidered if a material change can be shown. A preliminary and indicative assessment of costs and benefits of the proposed solution may also be undertaken.                   

ACER and ENTSOG would like to invite stakeholders to comment on the new scope of the functionality process before the 30 September 2017. Please navigate to a-two question survey using the following link.                   

The “functionality platform” is available here​.