ACER calls for improvements in the Network Code on Operational Security

On 28 May 2013, ACER adopted its opinion on the Network Code on Operational Security.   ACER commends ENTSO-E for the effort in preparing the Network Code, which mostly complies with the criteria and requirements defined in the Framework Guidelines on Electricity System Operation.  ACER also notes that the timely adoption of this Network Code is important for the security of supply, as well as the completion and well-functioning of the internal market in electricity and cross-border trade, including the delivery of benefits to customers and the facilitation of the European Union’s targets for the penetration of renewable energy sources.   However, in its opinion ACER highlights a few areas where improvement is needed before it can be satisfied that the Network Code is fully in line with the Framework Guidelines and can be recommended for adoption to the European Commission.   The main areas of concern are the compatibility and coherence with the other network codes developed pursuant to Articles 6 and 8(6) of Regulation (EC) No 714/2009 (particularly in the area of network connection rules), the national scrutiny, information exchange and performance indicators.   ACER considers that these areas can be addressed within a reasonable period, through targeted amendments to the Network Code, by improving the drafting of the Network Code provisions or, where relevant, amending the supporting document. To this end, the Agency is fully committed to support ENTSO-E in this process.   Additional information to the opinion: