ACER consults stakeholders on the “congestion indicators” for gas interconnection points


ACER launches today a call for Evidence on the “congestion indicators” included in the European Commission Guidelines on Congestion Management Procedures.

According to this piece of EU legislation, National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) shall require Transmission System Operators (TSOs) to apply the Firm Day-Ahead Use-It-Or-Loose-It mechanism (FDA UIOLI) at the interconnection points where ACER finds that gas capacity demand exceeded the offer.

However, some stakeholders have expressed doubts on the appropriateness of the current “congestion indicators” to properly detect contractual congestion and on the FDA UIOLI to address such congestion. Thus, the Agency invites stakeholders to propose alternative or additional “congestion indicators” to be used by the Agency in its congestion analysis, and to comment on the FDA UIOLI. 

There are currently four “congestion indicators” triggering the application of FDA UIOLI, linked to the over-demand of products with specific durations or to the non-offer of products. 

Stakeholders can share their views via the Call for Evidence from 9 August to 15 September 2016.

The Agency will assess all comments received and will take into consideration those proposing clear improvements to the current provisions.

With its congestion analysis and the present survey, the Agency aims to promote the efficient use of infrastructures to the benefit of the European energy consumers. 

Commission Guidelines on Congestion Management Procedures 

You can access the public consultation here