ACER to decide on amending the electricity price coupling algorithm methodology

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ACER to decide on amending the electricity price coupling algorithm methodology

What is it about?

On 24 November 2023, ACER received a proposal from all Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NEMOs) for amending the methodology for the price coupling algorithm and the continuous trading matching algorithm.

What is the methodology about?

The methodology sets the regulatory framework for the algorithms used for matching orders and allocating cross-zonal capacities in the European day-ahead and intraday electricity markets. The European day-ahead electricity market is based on an implicit auction, whereas the intraday market currently relies only on continuous trading. However, intraday auctions are expected to be introduced in 2024.

Thanks to a coordinated calculation of prices and flows, which is referred to as market coupling, available cross-zonal capacity is used more efficiently and price differences are reduced.

The current methodology was approved by ACER in July 2018 and amended in January 2020.

Why amend the methodology?

Amending the methodology, in particular the day-ahead coupling algorithm, is needed to enable a co-optimised allocation of cross-zonal capacity for the exchange of balancing capacity or sharing of reserves. Co-optimisation facilitates the integration of the balancing capacity markets and allows for a more efficient use of cross-zonal capacity.

Additionally, NEMOs proposed changes to the monitoring of scalable complex orders (which are a specific type of orders from market participants) and to the timings and delivery of results of intraday auctions.

What are the next steps?

ACER will run a public consultation and host a public workshop to collect views from stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Update as of 13 February: the public consultation's original deadline of 15 February has been extended to 20 February. 

ACER initially planned to decide on the matter by 24 May 2024, but will now decide by early autumn 2024 to incorporate stakeholders' views on the findings of the consultancy study.

Access the public notice initiating the procedure.