ACER decides on the gas capacity booking platform for German-Polish border


The European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) has recently published its Decision for the selection of the gas booking platform to be used at the 'Mallnow' interconnection point and the 'GCP' virtual interconnection point between Germany and Poland.

The Decision establishes that the Regional Booking Platform ('RBP'), operated by FGSZ Ltd (Földgázszállító Zrt.) will offer the platform services on the German-Polish border. RBP will offer the services until the concerned transmission system operators come to an agreement on the permanent use of a booking platform and for a maximum of three years.

During the decision-making process, the Agency consulted stakeholders in an open consultation process, as well as the concerned transmission system operators and the three booking platforms that are active on the European gas market.​

The Agency received offers from the three operational gas booking platforms in response to its Open Call. The offers were evaluated on their eligibility against the legal obligations of Union law and the main obligations deriving from the German national law, as well as a list of IT requirements based on ISO/IEC standards assessed by a certified auditor.

The offers were furthermore evaluated based on an IT case study, checking the platform's ability to implement and develop IT projects for offering booking platform services, as well as the financial offer of the platforms. The Agency assessed all these elements and found that RBP submitted overall the most advantageous offer. The Annex to the Decision, containing the evaluation of the offers, will be released in due course following the necessary confidentiality assessment.​

You can find the Decision here.