ACER finds that gas Transit Contracts in seven EU Member States do not comply with EU rules

The Agency’s report on gas transit contracts published today found that the compliance of these contracts with the legal requirements of the Third Energy Package, as well as competition law, remains one of the key shortcomings in some parts of the EU. The inquiry shows that legacy transit contracts remain in at least seven countries, and in most cases there is evidence that gas in transit is treated differently compared to gas for national consumption. The report provides an overview of the results of the inquiry and presents an analysis of the access regime and regulatory treatment of the historical long-term contracts for the transfer of natural gas within the EU for the purpose of delivery to another country. The findings of the report are based on an inquiry started by ACER in June 2011 and performed during the course of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013 and have been recently made available to the 23rd Madrid Forum.