ACER has published its monitoring report on the 2015 Inter-Transmission System Operator Compensation mechanism

 On 15 November the Agency released its Report to the European Commission on the implementation of the Inter-Transmission System Operator Compensation (ITC) mechanism in 2015. Pursuant to Commission Regulation (EU) No 838/2010 on laying down guidelines relating to the ITC mechanism, ACER annually reviews the implementation of the ITC mechanism established by ENTSO-E for the purpose of compensating TSOs for the costs incurred on national transmission systems due to hosting cross-border flows of electricity.  

The Agency notes in its latest report that that losses component of the ITC Fund increased by 19% compared to 2014 up to €153 million, which was mainly triggered by a significant increase of the volume of losses incurred by transit. At the same time the weighted average value of losses used for the 2015 ITC mechanism decreased. The full report is available here.