ACER invites ENTSOG to align further the Network Code on Harmonised Transmission Tariff Structures with the Framework Guidelines

ACER published yesterday its opinion assessing the Network Code on Harmonised Transmission Tariff Structures for Gas. The opinion acknowledges the openness of the process carried out by ENTSOG as well as improvements in terms of structure and details. However ACER invites ENTSOG to amend the Network Code further to address misalignments with the Framework Guidelines. Subsequently to ENTSOG’s submission of a revised Network Code, the Agency will consider recommending it the European Commission.

Progress achieved The Agency acknowledges the significant work undertaken by ENTSOG in developing the Network Code.  In particular, the Agency values the openness of the process led by ENTSOG that allowed contributions from the stakeholders and good cooperation with the Agency.

In reviewing the Network Code the Agency recognises some improvements in the Network Code, compared to the Framework Guidelines, in terms of structure and details. However, on a significant number of substantive issues, the Agency has serious concerns about the content of the Network Code as submitted.
Further improvements to be made
The Agency’s main concerns regard the scope of the Network Code and in particular the definition of transmission services, publication requirements, the description of the various cost allocation methodologies, the approach to payable price, the conclusions of the impact assessment on the harmonisation of the tariff setting year, the pricing of interruptible capacity and non- physical backhaul capacity, and incremental capacity. Find out more here.