ACER invites gas companies to participate in e-survey on barriers in gas wholesale markets in EU Member States


ACER invites gas companies to participate in an e-survey with the aim of identifying barriers faced by market participants in the gas wholesale markets in the European Union Member States. 
The Agency has commissioned Kantor Management Consultants to carry out a study on barriers in wholesale gas markets in the European Union. The study’s findings will be included in ACER’s Market Monitoring Report, which will also make recommendations for overcoming the identified barriers. 
An important part of this study involves launching an e-survey addressed to market players involved in gas wholesale trading activities across the EU. 

The e-survey is addressed to:   

  • Companies carrying out trading activities in one or more gas markets of the European Union and/or
  • Trading companies which have analysed the possibility to enter into other European gas markets or
  • Customers procuring gas directly in the gas wholesale markets.

The e-survey will be accessible during October 2016. 

You are invited to contact esurvey_gas@kantor-group.eu to access the e-survey.