ACER issues an Opinion on electricity national transmission plans

ACER published yesterday its Opinion on National Ten-Year Electricity Network Development Plans, which includes a monitoring exercise with important input from 28 National Regulatory Authorities on the consistency of national plans with the plan developed by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) at EU level.  ACER identified: ·         51 national components of transmission investments in the ENTSO-E TYNDP 2012 which are not included in the national development plans. ·         24 national components of transmission investments in the ENTSO-E Regional Investment Plans 2012 which are not included in national development plans. ·       10 third party projects which are included (or at least referred to) in national development plans, while they are not in the ENTSO-E TYNDP 2012.  This exercise was carried out by ACER according to article 8(11) of Regulation (EC) No 714/2009. Additionally, ACER also noted that the frequencies of publication are not aligned. ACER suggests that the publication of each national plan is every two years or more frequently, to allow for consistency with the ENTSO-E TYNDP (which has a biennial frequency). ACER also suggests that a coding system (unique for each investment) is adopted in each national development plan together with a mapping of correspondences with the ENTSO-E TYNDP coding. Finally ACER proposes the systematic publication of specific information for each investment item (commissioning date, investment status, increase of net transfer capacity, cost) in national development plans, as a practice consistent with the ENTSO-E TYNDP.