ACER issues an Opinion on the Network Code on Electricity Balancing

​On 24th March ACER published its opinion on the Network Code on Electricity Balancing. The Agency notes the network code will bring significant added value in supporting the creation of a European balancing market and recognises ENTSO-E’s effort to align this network code to the related framework guidelines. However, this network code submitted to the Agency on 23 December 2013 is not in line with the related framework guidelines in some specific areas.   ACER calls for clear and legally binding requirements on TSOs to implement the integration models for electricity balancing within the timeframes specified in the framework guidelines. The Agency also considers the network code not ambitious enough in harmonising and standardising the core elements needed to achieve a well-functioning, competitive and integrated balancing market. In particular, the Agency expects improvements in the network code in the following areas:  
  • Incentives on balance responsible parties to be balanced or help the electricity system to be balanced.
  • A consistent framework to foster competition between balance service providers.
  • Efficiency of balancing actions performed by TSOs.
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