ACER launches an improved version of the REMIT Notification Platform

T​he Agency has recently launched​ an upgraded version of the REMIT Notification Platform, which is now more user-friendly and offers several enhanced functionalities through a new interface. For example, a market participant can simultaneously notify more than one National Regulatory Authority for energy and anonymously send notifications of potential instances of market abuse in the wholesale energy markets.
The Notification Platform enables market participants and persons professionally arranging transactions to fulfil their REMIT obligations, and is also available to any other stakeholder who wishes to report suspicious trading behaviour on the wholesale energy markets or other potential breaches of REMIT. For example, market participants can report to the relevant National Regulatory Authority(s) for energy and ACER suspicious transactions, delayed disclosure of inside information and transactions to cover immediate physical loss in respect of the exemption of the prohibition of insider trading.

The Notification Platform is accessible through the REMIT portal​.