ACER launches new feedback tool for official documents


​As of today, the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) is making available to stakeholders, interested parties and the general public a feedback tool included in ACER opinions, recommendations and publications, which next year will be available in all ACER documents. You will be able to rate our deliverables in terms of relevance and quality, and share your views with us, so we can take them on board for the preparation of future documents and publications. 

The feedback tool will also allow you to request feedback from ACER on your comments, if you so wish. To access the tool you just need to click on the feedback icon inserted in all ACER documents. If you want to try it, the feedback icon accompanying this news item is linked to the feedback form for the latest edition of the Image removed.Market Monitoring Report.

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On the occasion of the launch of its new feedback tool, the Agency also invites you to participate in its annual Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey. Find ACER Director’s invitation here. We would appreciate a few 10 minutes of your time to provide your assessment of ACER’s regulatory activities, working methods and efficiency (for example in relation to the timely provision of deliverables), transparency, engagement with stakeholders and publications. Access the survey directly here.

The Agency for the Cooperation of Agency Regulators shall comply with its obligations under the relevant Data Protection provisions, and will treat all the information collected in this survey in full confidentiality.