ACER opens a public consultation on transaction reporting under REMIT


ACER launched today a public consultation on ACER’s Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM) and the RRM requirements, for transaction reporting under REMIT.

The Agency welcomes comments, in particular related to the issues listed in these consultation papers, by 2 September 2014 12.00 noon, Central European Time, to be sent to Remit.PublicConsultations@acer.europa.eu. In order to ensure transparency and full involvement of stakeholders, the Agency organised a public workshop in Ljubljana on 16 July 2014 to collect stakeholders’ views on the upcoming public consultation. A follow-up workshop will be organised in October 2014. The draft Implementing Acts presented by the Commission in July 2014 provided that the Agency shall explain the details of the reportable transaction information under REMIT in a user manual. On this basis, the Agency is currently preparing the TRUM. The draft Implementing Acts also provide that, in order to ensure efficient, effective and safe exchange and handling of information, the Agency shall, after consulting reporting parties, develop technical and organisational requirements for submitting data. For this purpose, the Agency is developing the RRM Requirements. The purpose of the public consultation paper is to collect views from all parties interested in the implementation of REMIT, including market participants, organised market places, etc. Please note that the two documents; the draft TRUM and the RRM Requirements, are based on the current version of the Commission’s draft Implementing Acts.