ACER provides guidance to National Regulators on NRAs' activities and reporting on the Use of Congestion Income


What is it about?

Following the approval of the Methodology for the Use of Congestion Income, which represents the revenue transmission system operators (TSOs) collect when allocating electricity cross-border capacity, ACER issued today a recommendation to National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) for Energy on activities and reporting on the use of Congestion Income.

The Recommendation aims at:

Providing guidance to NRAs, so that they can harmonise and streamline their reporting obligations on the use of congestion income to ACER, which were expanded with EU Regulation on the internal market for electricity.

Promoting consistent implementation among the NRAs on their assessment of the adequate fulfilment of the objectives that have priority with respect to the allocation of revenues resulting from the allocation of cross-border capacity.

Ensuring standardised information by NRAs to the Agency, which would be instrumental to carry out its reporting tasks more effectively.

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