ACER published an Opinion on ENTSO-E draft ten-year network development plan 2014

ACER recently issued its Opinion on the ENTSO-E draft ten-year network development plan (TYNDP) 2014. It noted that TYNDPs are deemed to play a central role in the development of electricity transmission infrastructure in Europe. The Agency recognises significant progresses in the draft TYNDP 2014, in particular:

  • the extensive consultation process, at an early stage and in an open and transparent manner, involving all relevant market participants, and the organisations representing all stakeholders;
  • the improvement in the inclusion of third-party projects;
  • the improvement in the description of the TYNDP methodology and the use of pan-European market studies to increase consistency across regions; a wider spectrum in the studied scenarios and the reduction of the average number of investments per cluster feature among other significant improvements.
For a summary of main messages, acknowledgements and recommendations, please see the Memo on the ACER Opinion.