ACER publishes Framework Guidelines on harmonised gas transmission tariff structures

ACER published today its Framework Guidelines on rules regarding harmonised transmission tariff structures for gas. Following a written procedure held in November, these Framework Guidelines received a favourable opinion from ACER Board of Regulators and were submitted to the European Commission. Following invitation by the Commission the Framework Guidelines will be used by ENTSOG to develop the relevant Network Code. There is currently a heterogeneous approach to tariff setting for gas transmission services among EU Member States.  This makes using EU gas transmission networks more complex for network users, can lead to inefficient use and development of the transmission networks, and, potentially, to inefficient gas trades.  By defining a set of common parameters, based on economic principles, for all aspects of tariff setting, and a common set of requirements on the publication of data relating to each stage in the process, the Tariff Framework Guidelines, and subsequent Network Code, is intended to improve the efficiency of gas trade and competition, which is a key objective of the Third Package. Following the Commission’s request in March 2013, that the Framework Guidelines include more specific aspects related to tariff methodologies, the text includes an expanded chapter on cost allocation methodologies, compared to the version informally endorsed by the BoR in April 2013.  This chapter specifies four possible cost allocation methodologies (two with variants), and obliges NRAs to approve implementation of one methodology, subject to a detailed explanation and reasoned justification against the methodology ‘circumstances’ criteria, a cost allocation text, and a methodology counterfactual.        Following invitation by the Commission, in the coming weeks, the Framework Guidelines will be used by ENTSOG to develop the Network Code on harmonised gas transmission tariff structures. Additional information on the process can be found here.
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