ACER publishes opinion on ENTSO-E’s latest winter outlook and summer review

Electricity generation.jpg
ACER has recently published its opinion on ENTSO-E’s winter outlook report 2014/15 and summer review 2014. According to the winter report, the forecast for Europe was to have sufficient generation for both normal and severe weather conditions in between 1 December 2014 and 19 April 2015. In case of severe weather conditions scenario, the report forecasted many countries would have been dependent on imports (Albania, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, FYRO Macedonia, Poland, Serbia and Sweden). Belgium was the only country to be expected to remain dependent on imports during the whole winter even in normal weather conditions.

ACER acknowledges positively the enhancements ENTSO-E has made by using Pan-European Climatic Database to assess the renewable energy sources in-feed and including load-temperature relationship for regions which are found to experience adequacy risks. ACER urges ENTSO-E to continue implementing enhancements as described in the ENTSO-E “Seasonal Outlook Report Evolution”.

ACER appreciates ENTSO-E’s investigation of potential threats to generation adequacy stemming from stress on natural gas supply, as requested by the European Commission. Although only 21 member states have provided their response, the analysis shows that only in few cases electricity generation is severely affected by disruption in Russian gas supply.

On the summer review 2014, ENTSO-E provided a much more complete overview of the most important events that occurred during the summer in comparison to the forecasts and risks reported in the last Summer Outlook.